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Computers Without Borders Nonprofit - November Newsletter





(NOVEMBER, 2013)



















Another CWB milestone was achieved on November 5, 2013 with our first school installation in the southernmost region of Mexico!


The installation was made possible by CWB’s friend and associate Kari Vannice of the Speak English & Get Paid program. Kary helped make the connection and deliver a refurbished desktop system to the Lazaro Cardenas primary school in Zimatlan in the State of Oaxaca. Before Kary delivered an early gift from Santa, Lazaro Cardenas had zero computers in the school!


The kids said they “had never even dreamed of having their very own computer in their school” so they could to learn how to use and operate it! Please help us deliver thousands more to schools everywhere and get the planet connected!  Delivering a single computer and monitor to a rural school in Mexico was a small step. But we are hoping that the gesture will be the beginning of a giant leap for mankind! Perhaps it is presumptuous AND pretentious to compare our first installation to man landing on the moon... but it is exciting nonetheless!!


Viva Mexico!



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