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Donate money 


Contributions are urgently needed to pay for shipping refurbished computers to destinations throughout the world and other CWB expenses.


Donate equipment 


By donating used equipment you can help save the environment, educate the impoverished children of the world AND receive income tax deductions!  All donations of items in good used condition or better are tax deductible. And you can be assured that outmoded equipment and equipment in poor condition will be safely and properly disposed of and de-manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner.



Donate software, computer accessories, school supplies:


CWB can use almost everything you can imagine to support its global education network.


Donate your time 


CWB is organizing numerous events all across the USA including fundraisers,  e-recycling drives and other activities.

Computers Without Borders Nonprofit - Volunteer

We need you!  No matter where you live, how old you are, what your level of experience or education is, we will find a way to let you help us accomplish our mission!  




You can help us by putting us in touch with whoever handles the computer lab and/or other IT solutions at your school. We can also show you how to set up your own school “computer club”—and eventually put you in touch with the nearest college or university CWB “affiliate” to work with your school. You can also help us organize “electronic recycling” and fund raising events in cooperation with your school!


Business owners

and government agencies:


We can help you safely, efficiently and effectively recycle your computers, monitors and other electronic equipment. The best way to recycle is to refurbish and re-use—so you will be assured that any equipment suitable for re-use will be used to fuel CWB’s world-wide education efforts. We can also help you set up electronic recycling drives and fundraising events to foster additional program reach.


Computers Without Borders Nonprofit - Donate


CWB is actively seeking brand partners to help us further our mission in any of the following areas:


  • Electronics recyclers

  • Computer hardware and component companies

  • Computer software companies

  • Shipping companies and freight forwarders

  • Travel companies, airlines, etc.

  • School supply companies

  • Education companies

  • Colleges and universities

Computers Without Borders Nonprofit - Partner


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